Scotland 2045 – Fourth National Planning Policy Framework “Nature Crisis”: What does it mean for ecologists and developers?

The Scottish Government has recently published their Draft Fourth National Planning Policy Framework. In this, there are strong requirements to include biodiversity assessment and enhancement within all development proposals. These, compared with the vagueness of the Third National Planning Policy Framework, set out a clear precedent for developers to consider how their proposals not justContinue reading “Scotland 2045 – Fourth National Planning Policy Framework “Nature Crisis”: What does it mean for ecologists and developers?”

Great Crested Newt: Friend or Foe?

Coronavirus: Level 4 Restrictions Update

“Wuhan New Coronavirus is not SARS Virus” by 葉 正道 Ben(busy) is marked under CC0 1.0. To view the terms, visit With the news breaking yesterday that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has taken the decision to place eleven counties in Scotland under Level 4 Coronavirus restrictions including South Lanarkshire, where EP Ecology is based, I thoughtContinue reading “Coronavirus: Level 4 Restrictions Update”

The Planner and the PEA

Local Planning Authorities (LPA) are duty-bound to assess the impact of all plans and projects on biodiversity, and more specifically on protected and notable species and habitats (such as badgers, invasive species, and native woodlands). Often the simplest starting point in many planning applications is to complete a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA). This survey comprisesContinue reading “The Planner and the PEA”

Rewilding in Miniature: What can I do?

Rewilding (verb). “To restore an area of land to its natural, uncultivated state.” It sounds big, doesn’t it? Like something you can only do in a country estate. However, that’s not the case – in this blog I wrote for Kaitiaki Consulting Ltd I have explored some of the every day tasks that you, I,Continue reading “Rewilding in Miniature: What can I do?”