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What is a Great Crested Newt Survey?

Great crested newts are a European Protected Species. This means that they are offered the highest level of protection throughout the UK. As a result, in development projects great crested newt presence on a site is one of the material concerns that the planners must consider.

The reports we prepare are used by Planning Authorities to determine whether a development will affect great crested newts. They are also used by designers and architects to make a development more newt friendly.

Great crested newt surveys can only be undertaken by licensed individuals between March and July when the weather is appropriate so don’t delay in enquiring about a survey for your project.

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A Comprehensive Service

At EP Ecology, we don’t believe in the “bare minimum”. Our ethos is to strive to deliver the very best for both our clients and for biodiversity.

For our great crested newt survey service, this includes a discussion with you about the best plan of action for your site, a habitat suitability index survey to determine the risk of newt presence, s suite of surveys to determine presence/absence and population size, and is rounded off with any mitigation and licensing required for project progression.

A Pragmatic Approach

We take a pragmatic approach to every project. All of our reports and recommendations are data driven, whether it’s from personal experience or scientific reference.

At EP Ecology, we always aim to deliver an approach which is to-scale for the project.

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