Protected Species Surveys

The Lifeblood of ecological consultancy

EP Ecology are specialist providers of protected species surveys in support of development planning or conservation. Our in-house experience and specialist associate consultants can deliver any protected species surveys that you might require.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project needs, or read more about the species we can provide surveys for.

Bat Surveys

Erik is a licensed bat worker throughout Scotland. In association with a wider team of licensed bat workers, we are able to deliver all aspects of bat surveys from start to finish of your project. Using in-house expertise or our wider team of associates we can identify the roosting potential of features within your site, determine whether roosts are present and the type of roosts present, and advise you of what this means for your planning application.

We are also well-versed in incorporating bats in development design or in promoting bats within your site through the preparation of biodiversity enhancement plans.

Our bat services include:

  • Preliminary Roost Assessment;
  • Hibernation Surveys;
  • Activity Transect Surveys;
  • Dusk/Dawn Surveys;
  • Static Detector Surveys; and
  • Roost Surveys.

Amphibian and Reptile Surveys

An EP Ecology specialism, we have years of experience of delivering amphibian and reptile surveys. We have published several research articles on these species on survey techniques and ecology.

Our surveys for these species include:

  • Great Crested Newt Survey including habitat suitability index surveys; environmental DNA (eDNA); and traditional survey techniques);
  • Reptile surveys including habitat assessments, artificial cover object surveys; and transect surveys; and
  • Widespread amphibian surveys (e.g. common frog spawn surveys and common toad surveys etc.)

Protected Mammal Surveys

Many mammals in Scotland are offered protection and EP Ecology has years of experience of mammal surveys in both a development and conservation setting.

Species we can provide survey data for include:

  • Badger Surveys;
  • Otter, water vole, and beaver surveys;
  • Red squirrel and pine marten surveys; and
  • Wildcat surveys.
A badger sett found during protected species surveys by EP Ecology.
Rivers are a favoured habitat of otter, water vole, and beavers.
woodland habitats can support red squirrel, pine marten, and wildcat.

Bird Surveys

Our specialist associates are skilled in the survey of birds and can deliver all manner of ornithology services. EP Ecology can advise you of the bird survey requirements that your project faces and our skilled associates can deliver for you.

Our bird services include:

  • Breeding Bird Surveys;
  • Wintering Bird Surveys;
  • Species specific surveys including barn owl or black grouse; and
  • Schedule 1 Species Surveys.

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