EP Ecology Starts Carbon Offsetting

Thrilled to announce that as of this month, EP Ecology is a member of Ecologi, a carbon-offsetting programme which plants trees globally. Our trees will be planted in forests throughout the world, including right here in Scotland. The way this venture works is by using funds from businesses to buy and plant trees for projects where they’re needed most. What I particularly like is the “right tree, right place” ethos. These trees suck up carbon, reduce flooding, and help to support ecosystems. Not only that, but they go at least part of the way towards reducing our net emissions. Wins all round!

We’ll be paying a little bit of our profits every month towards creating forests across the globe and help to offset the miles that we drive as part of our day-to-day business.

This is just an example of some of the commitments that we are making as a business which reflects our desire to promote sustainability in our work. You can read more about some of our business ethos on our “about us” page.

Very excited to watch the EP Ecology forest grow month-by-month!