Protected & Notable Species Survey Services

Where protected species are known in the vicinity or a project proposal, targeted surveys to determine presence or absence may be required.

Bat Surveys

Bats are heavily protected species and may be impacted by a huge variety of project types. EP Ecology can provide tailored bat surveys for any project.

Mammal Surveys

Species such as badger, otter, pine marten, and beaver are all protected in Scotland, projects which may affect these would require data to determine effects.

Great Crested Newt Surveys

EP Ecology can provide great crested newt licensed ecologists to undertake assessments fo their presence throughout Scotland.

Reptile Surveys

All reptiles in Scotland are fully protected and reptile surveyors can help determine if a proposed project may impact these species.

Bird Surveys

All nesting birds are protected, and some species protected year-round. Our Bird surveyors can help by completing surveys and assessments.

Invasive Weeds Surveys

EP Ecology’s invasive weeds surveyors can help determine the presence of invasive species which may cause issues for projects during the development stages of a project.