Reptile Surveys

One of EP Ecology’s specialisms is the survey of reptiles.

From identifying suitable habitat to identifying species assemblage and population size, our skilled ecologists can help.

Reptile Habitat Assessment

The first step in reptile surveys is to identify and map the habitats and areas within a site that reptiles may occupy.

Generally, we look at the aspect of the site, the variation in habitat type and structure, and the presence of suitable features for hibernation or shelter which reptiles may use.

If there are suitable areas which may be affected by project proposals, we would recommend population surveys be completed.

Our skilled ecologists have been undertaken reptile surveys for some of the largest infrastructure projects in Scotland and would be happy to discuss how we can help you.

Population Surveys

The second stage of reptile surveys is the population surveys.

We deploy rectangles of roofing felt, carpet tile, or corrugated tin which attracts reptiles to bask underneath them. These are then checked during appropriate weather conditions up to seven times to identify whether any reptiles are present, the species, and the numbers that are there.

These data then are used to characterise the populations and assess the effects of the proposals.

We’ve completed reptile surveys for major road infrastructure projects amongst many others and would be happy to discuss your reptile survey needs today.