Phase 1 Habitat Surveys​

From broad-brush Phase 1 Habitat Surveys to more detailed NVC and UKHAB or peat depth surveys, EP Ecology’s team of skilled ecologists can help.

Often completed as part of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, a Phase 1 habitat Survey is a broad-brush look at the habitats and flora present within a site.

Our Ecologists have over a decade of experience in Phase 1 Habitat Survey and can support your project today.

What is a Phase 1 Habitat Survey?

A Phase 1 Habitat Survey is a broad-brush assessment of the habitats present on a site. We look at what plant species are present and assess this against standard guidance on phase 1 surveys to determine the habitat types present on site.

After our site visit, a phase 1 habitat map is prepared. This map shows the layout of the different habitats on the site. The numbered target notes provide detailed written descriptions for each habitat or could refer to signs of protected species.

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